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Special vessels for special items


Sophisticated Elegance

The Serpentine Box captures the eye by combining a simple yet elegant shape with exceptional joinery. The corners are joined with solid wood serpentine joints exclusive to tinkermade. Available in many different wood species and configured as document box, jewellery box or pen collectors box, this box is a perfect gift for a special person at a special occasion.

External size 330x240x80 mm



Coming out swinging

The Felix Box is small item box with two swing-out drawers. The drawers are hinged on the left and right front edge respectively, and open smoothly on ball bearings. All parts of the box are carved out of solid pieces of wood. The drawers are lined with supple goat skin, with a vegan leather option also available. The box is suited to store jewellery, cufflinks as well as pens for use on the desktop. Available in rock maple, walnut and jarrah.

External size 200x140x66 mm


Made to your specifications

If you need a fine wooden box to store something in particular, we can design and manufacture the perfect box for you. Available in a wide range of native and imported timbers, with glass or timber lids and various leather and vegan leather linings we can ensure that your box will fit your items perfectly.

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