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The lighter concrete table

The tables of the Discreet range offer an unmatched lightness in appearance and weight. The 20mm thin concrete top is matched to a 45mm hardwood frame. This versatile table range comes in different sizes which makes it equally suited to be used as dinner table, restaurant table, coffee table, conference table, desk or side table and lamp table. The clean understated design blends seamlessly into contemporary environments.

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A size for every situation

The regular sizes of the Discreet tables ranges from 1800 x 900 w x 740 mm for the dinner table down to 600x600x450 for the lamp table, making this our most versatile tables. Additionally, custom sizes are also available.


Easy to ship, transport and store

The table legs are detachable from the top to allow for easy transportation and storage. Each leg is held in place with a single nut and two perpendicular waffle joints exclusive to tinkermade.

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